home2What does Think it Through offer you?

Are you interested in providing the ideal conditions in which people will think well together, plan with clarity, and experience new insights and connection? Have you ever wondered about the difference it makes when we do this deliberately?

Are you looking for dynamic, time-effective professional development for yourself, your team, your colleagues?

Then you will benefit from one of the renowned ‘Time to Think’ Courses, or from a range of bespoke training days that Ruth McCarthy can create specifically for you and deliver to your colleagues, partners or teams in-house.


Inspiring, practical, life-enhancing learning

We offer a 3-Day Certified Thinking Partnership Programme, a 2-Day Certified Foundation Course, TTT qualifying courses and bespoke days  that include chairing great meetings, strategic planning, building your best team.

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How to get the best from every group

Managers, leaders and teams: you need time to develop talent and plan for success. How productive are your meetings? Do you want to communicate brilliantly and get great results from staff and colleagues?

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Optimising your life and work

Are you considering big changes in your career, in your life? Do you feel as though there’s never enough time to plan? Taking time out now to Think It Through first will create new possibilities that work really well for you.

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