How can you best support yourself, your teams or your employees during this unique time of uncertainty?  Is it by helping them to think well online while working remotely?

Ruth McCarthy and other Time to Think Faculty members are working together to respond to these significant new demands by taking the tried and tested Thinking Environment ‘way of being’ online.  By adjusting everything that we know works powerfully and well to this new reality we can offer everything needed to succeed in your communications and groups during these challenging times.  .  Please contact Ruth – or check out the Courses pages – for more information about this powerful, stimulating and replicable ‘way of being’ that can be transformative both online and off.



Inspiring, practical, life-enhancing learning

Offering ONLINE some outstanding Time to Think open and qualifying courses, creating ideal professional development for our uncertain climate.  Bespoke days and workshops that will inspire and encourage your teams, your staff, yourself.

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How to get the best from every group

Managers, leaders and teams: more than ever you need time to reflect, think and plan for success. How productive are your meetings online? Do you want to communicate brilliantly, develop trust and get great results from staff and colleagues?

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Optimising your life and work

How well are you dealing with today’s world and its uncertain demands?  Do you feel as though there’s never enough time for you to reflect, consider, choose? Taking time out now just for yourself will create new possibilities that work really well for you.

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