Attention isan act of creation
The quality of our thinking depends on the quality of Attention we get from others while we think
Listening to inspirenot listening to reply
The human mind works best in the presence of Appreciation
How can you best support yourself, your teams or your employees during this unique time of uncertainty?
Is it by helping them to stay connected and thinking well together online?

Ruth McCarthy and other Time to Think Faculty colleagues are responding to the significantly different demands of working remotely by taking Nancy Kline’s tried and tested Thinking Environment® ‘way of being’ online through courses, bespoke workshops and individual thinking sessions.

By reviewing everything that we know works powerfully and well and then adjusting to this evolving reality we can offer everything you need to succeed in your communication with colleagues and teams.  This is vital: there is so much more to success online than a good broadband connection.

The principles and practice of this deeply human, creative yet rigorous way of being adapt brilliantly online, and will transform the interactions, decisions and results of teams and groups whether online or in the room.  For more information check out the Courses listed below or contact Ruth directly.

Why Choose Think It Through?


Offering ONLINE some outstanding Time to Think open and qualifying courses, creating ideal professional development for our uncertain climate. Bespoke days and workshops that will refresh, inspire and encourage your teams, your staff,  and yourself.



Managers, leaders and teams: today more than ever you need time to reflect, think and plan for success. How productive are your meetings online? Do you want to communicate brilliantly, develop trust and get great results from staff and colleagues?



You don’t have time to think.  Yet if you did you would save time, avoid expensive mistakes and know yourself better.  As a leader, as a senior executive, as an individual, what would change for you if you gave yourself uninterrupted, generative, powerful time to find out?

Forthcoming Courses

The Thinking Partnership Programme Online,18/19 and 27/28 October and 2nd December 2021

Online Programme over 5 days Details: Dates:  18/19 and 27/28 October and 2nd December 2021 Times:  10.00-12.15 and 1.15-3.30 until 2nd December, 10.00-1.00 BST Course Fee:  £990 To discover more or to book please contact Ruth McCarthy on 07776242005 or...

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TTT Coaching Course, In Person and Online, 3,4, 10,11 November and 8 December 2021

TTT Coaching Course, blended In Person and Online, 3,4, 10,11 November and 8 December 2021 Because of ongoing Covid restrictions and uncertainties I'd like to offer the possibility of finalising the course details closer to the time. That would mean...

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Time to Think Facilitator Course, Online, 16, 17, 24, 25 November and 15 December 2021

THIS COURSE IS NOW FULLY BOOKED Time to Think Facilitator Course, Online, 16, 17, 24, 25 November and 15 December 2021 Times: 10.00-12.15 and 1.15 to 3.30 each day.  This course is normally of 3 days duration, which is 18...

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Discovery Day in a Thinking Environment®, For Coaches and Teachers, Online, November 23rd 2021

If you want to refresh yourself and your interest in the Thinking Partnership, as a Coach or Teacher; if you long for inspiration and discovery with peers in the Thinking Environment, you might like to take up one of only...

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