How does it work?

What happens first?

You contact Ruth McCarthy and discuss what you want from your coaching in a free 20-minute consultation.

Following our first conversation I send you by email a set of questions and exercises that will focus your thoughts on your goals, motivations, what you value, have learned, want to achieve next. This may be the first time that you have ever given full attention to considering your life and career in this way: it is a really interesting and rich experience and it will really get your thinking going.

I also send a sheet that clarifies the coaching relationship between you and Think It Through and asks you some key questions in advance.

What happens on the day?

From the moment we meet the session is all about getting you to where you need to go. This is your opportunity to start thinking afresh and with real energy about your career, your choices, major changes, decision-making – whatever it is you bring to the session. 90 minutes dedicated to the clearest possible thinking about you, your business, your ideas, your life.

This is a robust process that includes questions about the assumptions that may be blocking you. It is flexible yet persistent, with ‘questions like arrows that go to the heart of things’ to help you if you get stuck.

This level of incisive questioning is dynamic, often generating fresh solutions and ideas that you will want to write down as your specific action plan. The impact of this level of deep questioning and thinking continues long after the session has finished.

What happens next?

We review what has been achieved, and consider the context, goals and dates of further sessions. These can include:

  • major planning in any context of your career, or your business development
  • working towards self-employment, retirement
  • working towards a specific new job, key skills identification and CV building
  • information-seeking about specific subjects such as retirement, voluntary work or trusteeships
  • new qualifications, training, job sectors – this is highly personalised for every client

To find out more please call, email or use the Contact form.

Where are the session held?

The meeting place is in Old Court Place, Kensington Church St, London, in Ealing, West London, or in your office.

How long are the sessions?

Thinking/ coaching sessions are 1.30hrs. Telephone thinking/ coaching sessions are also possible, after our first meeting.

How much are the sessions?

Fees are scaled according to career stage or sector, are competitive, and will be discussed on the phone or in email enquiry.

There is a rate for a meeting in Ealing, in Kensington or in a location of your choice.

Private and corporate rates apply.