Online Talks and Webinars:

Ruth created an hour-long introduction to the Thinking Environment for the Academy of Executive Coaching which is available FREE via a Dropbox link. Please email for a personal link to the 50min webinar.

More recently she has developed workshops and talks online, offering both information about and brief experiences of the power of the Thinking Environment to create space and encourage individuals to think for themselves.

Public Speaking

Ruth is regularly asked to talk at conferences and public events and is a confident, knowledgeable and stimulating speaker. She welcomes the opportunity to meet and talk to coaches,  trainers and development professionals as well as the chance to connect with and learn from professionals across other industries and sectors and is happy to offer talks to both practitioners and public forums.

Ruth represented and spoke for The Ireland Fund GB many times during her 5-year tenure as Chair, to audiences of up to 350 people, an experience that significantly impacted on her capacity to engage with a large audience to good effect.

Ruth offered a Masterclass called ‘Transforming Teams’ with Time to Think colleague Linda Aspey at The Association for Coaching International Conference in Budapest, and has spoken on the same topic to capacity audiences in Dublin and Belfast, both hosted by the Association for Coaching Ireland.

During the Budapest session Ruth and Linda introduced delegates to the key principles of creating an environment in which people think and work well together, developing creativity, clarity and connection. They highlighted key components of Nancy Kline’s renowned Thinking Environment® in a powerful, interactive Masterclass that focused on demonstrating how we can stimulate connection and fresh thinking in groups and teams.


  • heard how neuroscience supports this approach
  • practiced giving and receiving calm, generative attention to ignite new thinking in Thinking Pairs and Dialogue
  • experienced the power of Rounds to generate ideas and results
  • explored ways to introduce this into your groups and teams

In this short video Ruth and Linda describe the Masterclass:

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