As a practitioner and therefore an occasional ‘seller’ of Thinking Environment coaching or facilitation, how often do you get asked by a possible client ‘is there any evidence for how or why this works – how can you prove it?’...
  • 21 April 2023
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What does noticing a paradox do to you? Life is full of paradox, a potential maze for the mind; the Thinking Environment offers us so much that is paradoxical, it’s something that we can love to encounter and yet feel uncomfortable...
  • 17 March 2023
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The brilliance of questions
How was your 2022? As it draws to a close and we start to look ahead to 2023, what stands out for you?  What do you notice in your life and work during 2022 that might direct or support you during...
  • 16 December 2022
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Radical discipline
It’s been three months now since I last wrote a newsletter. Did you notice?! I do think sometimes I should stop, on the basis that I’ve been writing these notes since 2014 and maybe enough is enough? * And then recently I’ve been thinking and...
  • 16 October 2022
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Work life
When you consider the word ’boundaries’ where does your mind go? For decades mine went to a place of constraint and limitation, with just the idea of imposing boundaries feeling unwelcome in ways I wouldn’t have been able to articulate. Instinctively...
  • 15 July 2022
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breaking habits
Why is introducing a new way of doing something (even when the result can be great) so often experienced as a challenge, maybe even as a threat? We are such creatures of habit. Last month James Clear’s Atomic Habits helped...
  • 30 June 2022
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atomic habits book cover by James Clear
What does my habit of writing a Newsletter every month say about my identity? I have never asked that question before! Does it say that I am committed to the Thinking Environment, to being in touch, that I am persistent,...
  • 24 May 2022
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love script and tulips
Do you ever think about committing to activism, and about how to become more active for justice in a world so full of difficulty and pain? The assumptions that I hold about doing this really get in my way. Particularly what I...
  • 28 April 2022
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