Ruth generates clear, original, decisive thinking in people.” ¬†Nancy Kline, Time to Think

What kinds of challenges are you thinking about at the moment? A new job, a big decision, a major change? Are you at a crossroads in your career, or life?

What would happen if you gave time now to thinking through every aspect so that you become crystal clear about what you need to do next?

People find that as they think it through with me they make the best choices, avoid making mistakes, save precious time and find their way to a solution that works well for them. These are real results.

Typically I work with

  • those considering major life changes such as starting a new business, or retirement
  • people who know they need to change jobs and have doubts about how to do it
  • executives experiencing overload in any situation and seeking new energy and clarity
  • people in any challenging situation looking for fresh thinking in a safe environment

We achieve this during a series of thinking/coaching sessions. This is coaching that gets you where you want to go because it is always focused on you. This is how you can save time, money and energy and discover exactly where you want to be.

Career transition package

I offer a specific career transition package to private individuals that includes intensive preparation before the first meeting, three meetings of 1.30 hours each, 3 coaching calls at 30 minutes each and materials and email support throughout. Prices vary depending on location in Kensington or Ealing. To find out more please call, email or use the Contact form.

For a free, no-obligation 20 minute conversation about how coaching might work for you please email or call Ruth or use the Contact form.