Who benefits from coaching?

Who benefits from coaching?

People who want to think deeply and seriously about their careers, their futures and what it is they most want to get out of their lives. People prepared to think independently, challenge assumptions and explore new possibilities.

At the moment my coaching clients include:

People who’ve reached stalemate in their working lives and are determined to find something better

Individuals working in senior executive positions who want a safe place to consider professional and personal plans

People returning to work after a career gap (illness, redundancy, time out for families).

Those considering how to get the best from retirement

Each of them finds that the clear, safe space provided by this kind of focused attention stimulates clarity, new ideas and possibilities – plus the will and energy to make changes that work well for them.

Why do they choose to work with me?

Because coaching is a golden opportunity to work out what we really think, want and need to do, without the well-intentioned advice or discouragement of friends or family putting us off before we get there. Together we create a safe yet dynamic space in which it’s possible to engage with your deepest assumptions, identify and demolish the ‘hidden saboteurs’ to your thinking and work out exactly what it is you want and need to do next.

Talking about our ideas and problems with friends and colleagues is not like Thinking It Through. Why is that? Because our friends and colleagues believe they know us so well they also know what we’re going to say, which is why they constantly

  • interrupt our thoughts to give us advice we haven’t asked for
  • finish our sentences for us
  • do not listen to the end of our ideas and
  • rarely challenge us usefully

When we repeat our thinking we repeat our actions: we’re in a loop.

Coaching is the route to breaking out of that cycle and creating change that really works.

To arrange a free 20 minute call to find out how we can work together please email, phone or use the Contact tab.