Inspiring Courses for You, Your Team & Your Organisation – which will work best for you?

The 2-Day Time to Think Foundation Course

If you’re a leader, a manager, a development professional, if you want fresh input and new ideas, inspiring CPD for yourself, your colleagues, teams or employees, if you run meetings regularly and want to get the best possible results every time, then the 2-Day Foundation Course in Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment is the best fit for you.

Participants come from corporates like KPMG, non-profits like The Children’s Society, private sector businesses like Spencer du Bois, public sector employers like the NHS and the Civil Service, from institutes of Further and Higher Education; every group is different and each creates and benefits from its own learning dynamic.

“Without doubt the very best training course I have ever been on.”

Annie Clarke, The Children’s Society

The 3-Day Thinking Partnership Programme

Are you a coach, are you thinking about becoming a coach?  Do you want three days of intensive, productive and highly experiential training that will have huge impact both on how you think and on the space, depth and energy that you can provide for your clients?  Then please check out the 3-Day Thinking Partnership Programme.

“Ruth’s mastery of The Thinking Environment, her graceful style & calm manner are simply wonderful to witness. She creates just the right conditions for learning and thinking, engaging everyone, whether they are strangers or an existing team. A true professional, highly ethical & extremely effective.”

Linda Aspey, MD, Coaching for Leaders Ltd

Bespoke Development Days

We offer a range of team development days that will build trust and confidence in teams, develop their productivity and creativity, and may include a framework for successful group interactions, the outstanding ‘Transforming Meetings’ programme.

“Ruth embodies the principles of a Thinking Environment, authentically, consistently. She creates the perfect balance between listening and asking. Her warmth and her rigour, her skill and her presence are extraordinary.”
Nancy Kline, President, Time to Think

Client feedback from an in-house leadership training day

  • What did you find most useful or beneficial?
  • Was there anything surprising about the work - if so, what was it?
  • What would you suggest that might improve the experience?
  • What else would you like to add?
The welcome opportunity to discover more about ourselves, our anxieties, and our potential.
The way we all endorsed your encouragement and coaching style.
Just longer in the coaching, and longer in the practicing.
The most valuable half day we have had as a new group, must repeat, and with longer time allowed.

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