Time to Think Coaching Course

The Thinking Partnership Programme is a pre-requisite for this course.

Whether you will be using these skills as a Business/ Executive Coach or as a Personal Coach, The Time to Think Coaching Course will equip you with powerful coaching expertise. If you are interested in developing your existing skills and experience as a coach then you will have already taken the Thinking Partnership course and will know of the great depth and transformative possibilities of this way of working and being with your clients.

Free online assessment:  If you would like to assess immediately your own interest in and understanding of this way of coaching please take the free online assessment here on the Time to Think website.

This four day (2 x 2) course aims to develop your expertise as a professional coach using the Thinking Environment® approach and way of being through all ten Components of the Thinking Environment® as experienced in the six-part Thinking Partnership Session model.

The programme is for a maximum of four people who will

  • learn and integrate the Thinking Environment approach to coaching
  • master each aspect of the Six-part Thinking Session®
  • learn a wide application of Incisive Questions
  • practice strategic departure from the Six-Part Session model
  • practice coaching and being coached in this way
  • think with clarity about your own challenges in being a Coach


For further details please contact Ruth McCarthy directly or use the Contact Us tab.