About Workshops and Time to Think Courses

In a world gone mad with distractions and urgency, Ruth McCarthy very gently introduced a disparate bunch of busy headed professionals to the concepts of Thinking and Listening properly and how to apply them in various scenarios. Without a doubt, Ruth’s calm, warm and encouraging demeanour and her obvious enjoyment of what she describes as the “wonder” of the process led to six of us having a transformative two day experience. I can highly recommend the Time to Think Foundation Course as led by Ruth for anyone in the slightest bit curious about how powerful uninterrupted thinking and listening can be in their life. Aoife Healy, Portugal

“Thank you for creating the conditions of possibility and the occasion for us all to meet, to think together, to learn. It was a fantastic two days that stretched my thoughts in exciting and unexpected directions. Yesterday, I discovered that thinking is different to and more than having ideas. Each and every day, I have a great many ideas (well developed ideation muscles) and still I have so much to learn about thinking!”
Dr Kate Hammer, Throughline and Kiln

“Ruth, thanks for a good session. Thoughts:
– liked the fact no single individual was allowed to hold the floor and monopolise. I believe this is a really positive aspect of the Time to Think format.
– the fellow feeling that we share each other’s issues and challenges, and successes.”
Wanda Whiteley, The Manuscript Doctor

“You have a genius for helping people connect with the essential, always simple truth.”
SME Business partner

Feedback from AoC coaches’ workshop

“1. Really thought-provoking. Amazing how what emerged from the short opportunity to spill my thoughts is still bouncing around in my mind a week later.
2. Certainly learnt a lot and shared a couple of the ideas with a new coaching practise group that I have set up, today! In particular I was taken with the developed concept of attention and giving attention. I found it fascinating that prompted by the question ‘What do you want to think about?’, so much powerful thinking and exploration took place.
3. This approach is in essence different from mine which uses a style of inquiry that varies according to the context – from quite interventionist to less interventionist – so giving a great deal of space for free association would only be used in certain moments. However encouraged by Ruth’s calm and skilled facilitation I felt inspired to let go of this and experiment.
4. The experiential aspect of the session and following discussions were insightful in reminding me that it takes an act of bravery to share one’s thoughts. As a whole, the session underscored several points of good practice, not least that the coaching relationship has to be one of unconditional, positive regard for the client.”

Clients in transition

“Thought I’d let you know how things went. I met them again today and have finalised an agreement where I work for them initially on a 3 month contract to head up their marketing. All being well in that period it should move to something permanent. I could not be more pleased! I honestly believe that a large part of this has been down to starting the sessions with you. It has helped me prioritise what I want, spurred me to take action, and although an element of luck with the specific job has been involved, I don’t think I would have been as confident about going for it without your input. If you ever want a case study or anything that can help you, I will be a raving fan!”
Marketing Manager

“Weekly sessions took place in Ruth’s home/office, where she encouraged me as much as possible to figure out things for myself by asking me pertinent questions which drew out the ideas. These did not come easily but toward the end I felt a very real sense of change, of calmer more rational thought and a better understanding of myself and where I wanted to go. Thanks to Ruth’s help I am now employed in the not-for-profit sector in a truly rewarding role.”
Administrator, Non-Profit

“Thanks so much for an amazing session. You have such a wonderful presence: it’s a real gift. Your questioning was superb and really got to the heart of a number of issues.”

“I found the session was a very positive and empowering way to think much more freely in a safe environment and I would absolutely recommend Ruth McCarthy if you have lost direction, are looking for something beyond what you have now or are looking to find greater fulfillment from your work and life.”
Investment Analyst

“Ruth’s coaching sessions help me a great deal with the way I now manage my business. Business management – no matter how educated or experienced we are – has a close relationship with who we are and with our personal limits, blocks and aspirations. Regular Thinking Sessions have given me freedom, time and attention to work through these, and have made me more able to manage my School.”
Managing Director, Language School

“I’ve had a super busy day (thanks in no small part to the motivation this morning’s session instilled in me). I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing me with a context in which I could really challenge my thinking and develop a more coherent picture of where I want to go and of what I want to do.”

“Returning to work after a long break was hard psychologically. Ruth helped me to identify my issues, work through them and then formulate solutions. Building up my CV was especially helpful in identifying how the professional world viewed me. I found work quickly after that with a part time job in a law firm in Holborn. The conditions are perfect for me as a mother of a young child.I have no hesitation in recommending Ruth and her style of personal coaching as being effective, professional and a pleasure.”

Bespoke in-house training

“We recently asked Ruth to spend some time with us to help improve our “attention” in delivering our Networking Programme. Outcomes included – redesigning the agenda for our two-hour seminars for small groups and creating an outline for a new two and a half hour workshop for larger groups. The day was a great success and money well spent. I am very happy to recommend Ruth.”
Kingsley Aikens, Networking Matters, Dublin

“Lovely to talk on Tues and just wanted to report they I’ve just done thinking pairs with the new (law) partners. Smaller groups, better instruction and great results. Really pleased.”
Executive Coaches

“Ruth’s knowledge of the impact of cultural difference, on how we think, made our workshop insightful and deep. She also connected with our delegates and they felt understood and inspired.”
Shirley Wardell, University of Surrey MBA Group

“We had a fantastic end of the week, thanks to you largely, but much helped by several new clients signing up! What a couple if weeks that was. We don’t believe we would have gotten through it sans you. We opened a bottle of fizz at 5 yesterday and toasted our survival and the enhanced state we emerged from our new clients, and you!”
Manchester Square Partners

Total confidentiality

Working as a coach is a confidential role.

Most people mention how safe they feel during this process, and how welcome that safety is.

Many private clients offer appreciative comments in the course of the work we do together, or write later to describe the changes they’ve made. I always invite groups and business clients to give constructive critiques of their workshop sessions and courses.

Because a Google search will often ‘find’ names and display them regardless of priority, some people and companies ask to be anonymous, others are happy to use their names. If you are curious about any of the organisations or individuals mentioned here please do ask me.

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