What is the Time To Think Foundation Course?

The Foundation Course begins with understanding the principles and ‘components’ that create the best possible environment in which to think.

We then describe and experience live a number of practical, inspiring applications to be used in groups, in meetings and in many professional and personal settings.

This powerful way of being acknowledges that everything we do when we think together follows a structure of some kind, whether implicit or explicit (and mostly implicit).  It notices that we often fall into patterns of behaviour in our groups and meetings that don’t create the energy we need for clear thinking and good decisions.  It acknowledges the trap of groupthink, and stimulates each individual to tap into their own independent thinking.

Used as taught and experienced on this creative, experiential course, the Thinking Environment creates a stimulating atmosphere for clarity, communication and decision making achieved through a set of clearly stated guidelines based on many everyday aspects of human behaviour.

Here are the Aims and Objectives:

  • To explore the ways everyday communication structures such as meetings, dialogue, discussion, consultation, presentations, faciliation, interviews, resolving conflict and working with colleagues and staff can be transformed into clear-thinking, invigorating, positive experiences that promote understanding and produce better results – both business and personal.
  • To identify and discuss the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment, mainly the human behaviours that can help or hinder us as we work together
  • To discover and explore in real time the high quality thinking that these Ten Components produce
  • To discuss the importance of this expertise for working as colleagues, teams and leaders
  • To experience working through assumptions to create Incisive Questions, and the power of that
  • To bring together all the new building blocks of the Thinking Environment as a Transformed Meeting and experience how that works in real time

For further details, dates and booking please use the Contact form or call Ruth McCarthy on 07776242005

“I attended Ruth’s Foundation Course in the Thinking Environment. The course was brilliantly run and Ruth expertly balanced the working through of the course material with the essential truth of the Thinking Environment which is to allow people to find their own way and think for themselves. I was able to put elements of what I had learned into practice at work immediately when I got back. Ruth’s grace, humour, skill and integrity created a highly effective learning environment that I would highly recommend to anyone.”
Jenni Bacon, Research and Strategy Consultant at Spencer du Bois

“Firstly thank you so much for a wonderful course in a fabulous environment. Never have I enjoyed the process of learning so much – stimulating, thought provoking and wonderfully entertaining are just three immediate things that come to mind.”
Head of Innovation and Business Partnership at a UK University