Consulting and Facilitation

How can we get the best from our teams, staff, groups?

By offering them the best possible structure and environment in which to think, plan and make their decisions.   Most employers and leaders don’t have time to think about how cost-effective their meetings are, yet they are paying for people to be in the room.  Just think about the metrics – are you getting value from your staff in meetings? How can you improve the experience and get more from everyone?

By running your meetings as a Thinking Environment.  This is a systematic and inspiring way of bringing groups of people together so they really listen to each other, build trust and better understanding, identify and then focus on the priorities and make purposeful decisions.

How well are you creating this kind of environment already?

To find out exactly how well,  try out this free Online Assessment on the Time to Think website

Slowing down to speed up

This is facilitation of groups, teams and partnerships in ways that bring real understanding, creativity and connection into the room.  This dynamic process reliably sets up meetings that matter enough to make a real difference to your results.

How?  By acknowledging first that you want  to change the established habits of your group or team, by working out what it is you do want to achieve, and then by setting up some very clear and sensible ground rules that help people to take turns, stick with the subject, listen without interruption and create a clear action plan before time runs out.  How does that sound to you?

And the difference is…

Valerie Munro, Chair, The Athena Network describes it like this:

“For all of this, I have to thank Ruth McCarthy for the training session that she led for all of Jo’s regional leadership teams.  We thoroughly enjoyed this truly inspiring brainstorming session where Ruth offered us the opportunity to improve the way we run our Athena groups.  Each part of the Athena meeting routine came under close scrutiny by everyone, and ideas then developed on ways in which we could all sharpen our contributions for the benefit of everyone.”

Comments often made:

  • New ideas were generated during the meeting,  it was energetic
  • New actions were recognised and owned
  • There was good communication and interaction between colleagues
  • Interest and attention – being ‘in the moment’;  getting everything done
  • Assumptions were addressed and challenged, progress was made

For Testimonials and stories about the Thinking Environment way of working on local, national and international levels please visit the Testimonials page.

Clients have included Manchester Square Partners, Imperial College, University of Birmingham, The Arvon Foundation, Dunnhumby, state schools, NHS, Midas Public Relations and others

If you are interested in the ‘Transforming Meetings’ workshop or a bespoke workshop on meetings and chairing,  please use the Contact Us tab

FREE booklet to download:

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