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Warmest thanks to the impeccable and inspiring Tara Nolan, MCC who hosts this podcast series. Giving me a chance to think and talk for an hour about all things Thinking Environment was a joyful start to 2022, and I offer it here to all colleagues and friends in the Time to Think network who may find time to listen… And to those new to Time to Think who may discover something that inspires you in the context of your work with teams.

Listen to more here:

I guested on The Coaches Backpack Podcast and discussed:

  • How making the brain still and at ease can improve your coaching
  • What generative attention can do for your clients
  • How to set up a listening environment
  • What happens to your brain when you are interrupted
  • … and much more.

Listen here:

This podcast was a dream – Mark O’Reilly, MSc gave me a captive listener and a whole hour on my favourite topic! I certainly feel like a determined explorer of what’s meant by a ‘Thinking Environment’ and this was such great space for exploration.

My thanks as always to the brilliant Nancy Kline for constant inspiration and freshest thinking on this endlessly evolving, deeply fascinating subject.


Prepared at the invitation of the Academy for Executive Coaching London, and used on their Diploma Course Intro to the Thinking Environment (55 mins)

Click here to watch my Webinar.

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Why attention really matters:


What have you found out recently about Attention, Ease, Information, Place or any other of Nancy Kline’s 10 Components? Ideas from the new book and my own teaching inspired a series of images on Instagram, which add a further dimension to this ever-developing, inspiring set of principles and behaviours. Here is a 10 Components poster based on that series which you can download to support your own Thinking Environment.

Creating a great virtual group dynamic is about so much more than the platform: how do you set up an environment that will encourage the best possible thinking from everyone in the group? Here’s a brief guide based on Nancy Kline’s renowned Thinking Environment principles.

A fabulous comic guide to Hyper Vigiliance by Caitlin Chang.

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