Retirement as Opportunity: coaching for the next phase of your life

Try asking yourself these questions:

  • What have you done so far about your retirement?
  • What is your general attitude to it?
  • What feelings does the idea provoke – curiosity, anticipation, apprehension, fear, pleasure?
  • What are your plans – how clear is the future?
  • What happens if you don’t get cracking on a plan?

If everything is sorted out, and crystal clear, that’s terrific, and you are in a happy minority.

If not, and if you are reaching the stage where retirement is at least on the horizon (5-8 years away?) or looming (0-3 years away?) then giving time and energy immediately may change everything. Particularly if you do feel equivocal about the changes that will happen.

This is a very specific and bespoke coaching service, aimed first at gaining an overview of where you are now, and then at looking at all the elements that matter in the life you want to live when you retire from full-time employment – whatever the time frame may be.

Before and during bespoke thinking sessions we will use exercises and materials carefully designed to stimulate significant new thinking about all the important questions that relate to your future. This promotes a real sense of purpose, alongside inspiring all the necessary actions needed in order to clarify your route to a really fulfilling retirement.

For further details about the Retirement as Opportunity programme please contact Ruth McCarthy on 07776 242005 or use the Contact form.

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