Why Diversity matters


There is always something fresh in the Thinking Environment way of approaching a topic, and I truly believe we are never ‘done’ in our explorations of what people need in order to think well and for ourselves – which is a really challenging thing to do, particularly right now.

One of the answers is awareness of Diversity and on last week’s Facilitator course we really focused on that.  We talked about the groups we belong to, the stereotypes associated with that – and the ways in which the world holds back some of those stereotypes.

So I was thrilled to watch this: bit.ly/2fWmctg. Thrilled, because it is beyond rare to see and hear a leader be so explicit and direct about honouring diversity, and also because it’s in the context of the US army.  What a great role model for the US right now.  For all of us, in fact.  And if you’d like to do a little consciousness-raising about your own awareness of Diversity (by which I mean stereotypes, and our assumptions about those stereotypes) have a look at this, a renowned test from Harvard used to explore just this: bit.ly/2xtNQUS, and then have a go. Quite frankly, ouch!

My final suggestion is about Alumni days – new in 2018 and ideal for refreshing the context of the Thinking Environment, the aim is that you would go away re-inspired about the possibilities and principles of this unique way of being bit.ly/2yzOhlx.  Let me know if you’d like a place.

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