05 Jul

Trust and Connection



Trust is painfully thin on the ground in our current world order, and being able to build trust in an authentic way is vital, important work. I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am to work in a Thinking Environment, a way of being that inspires trust.  And I’ve been thinking about trust in relation to the new GDPR regulations and also because of the truly shocking revelations about Facebook’s misuse of data which revealed just how little most of us understand about how our details can be ‘harvested’ (weasel word!) and then sold on for profit and misuse without our knowledge or consent.  Data as currency, what a concept.

Which is why I welcome GDPR boundaries, annoying as the introduction has been, because it makes companies and even sole traders like many of us become more aware of the value of personal data, and of our responsibilities when entrusted with it. So to comply fully with this I’m inviting you now to continue to receive this monthly newsletter from me by pressing the enormous green button you’ll see at the end of this.  Thank you!

NB This is already an exclusive alumni mailing list and I’m imagining it will be even more exclusive from now on…

Thinking Environment Group on LinkedIn
As alumni of a TE course with me or someone else, you are warmly invited to join the closed Thinking Environment group on LinkedIn. LinkedIn have tightened the security on this so that now it’s necessary first to ‘Connect’ with TTT Business Director Stephanie Archer. She will then send you an invitation to join the group. This presumes you are already on LinkedIn – you will need to take the first step.

Finally: I love to pass on interesting and inspiring book titles, YouTube clips and blogs.  What have you found compelling recently – do let me know. I think it’s true to say that we only accept feedback well from those whom we trust, so I wonder what you might think of Daniel Pink’s 19 word formula here http://bit.ly/2GIPPu2:  how might it work for you?