Sustaining Yourself 


What is one thing you know you need to do in order to say with your life ‘my thinking matters’?    

Health warning: this is a big question, so please take time out to consider it. It goes deep.  Or to put it in another way:

If we really honoured ourselves as Thinkers, in every moment of our day, what would change?

For me it’s about distraction.  The one vital thing I know I need to do is to reduce the amount of distraction that cuts across my thinking every day.  This means changing the insidious habits that have arisen seamlessly through the beautiful and seductive technologies that we weren’t even dreaming of 10 years ago.  It means acknowledging the debilitation this causes, it means going tech free for a period every day, maybe for a longer period every day as the habit grows, it means noticing and enjoying how different my whole being feels when I resist the siren calls of apps and social media.  That’s the first thing I need to do in order to say with my life that ‘my thinking matters’.
What about you?

Moving from noticing ‘one thing’ to a general principle, we know we need actively to support ourselves as Thinkers in order to be able to sustain a great Thinking Environment for others. How do you think you are best maintaining your unique capacity to think as and for yourself, and resisting the inevitable erosion from the world that surrounds us? How are you caring for your thinking?

Do you have a regular Thinking Partner, someone to think with briefly and often, maybe another to think with at more length and in more depth?  How regularly are you building your thinking muscle?

If this is not as often as you’d like, what might you do to create that opportunity – and how might I help you with that?  Qualified practitioners do have the Collegiate days together (the shape of which will change after July 2020) but many others who’ve taken the open courses long for more practice and connection in a Thinking Environment.

One new option is to meet as TE alumni for a day of practice, refreshment and connection – which apart from the immediate benefits, offers the possibility of new Thinking Pairs and Partnerships into the future.  I’m offering several dates for that in 2020, the first will be on 22nd January 2020 at the Grange in Ealing.

So if I can support you with your Thinking Environment practice please let me know.  I’m planning all events and courses for 2020 now, I will definitely post some further Alumni practice days, and there will be a link to it all in the next Newsletter.