New Realities

new reality graph covid-19

How are you getting on, further weeks into lockdown? I do hope you are well.

What have you noticed afresh since the end of March?  Do you sense changes in yourself and your capacities to adapt to an emerging and uncertain new reality?  What do you think you and I and everyone else needs now in order to adapt well, to stay safe and engaged and resilient as this all continues?

I suspect that many of us need much more time to think and reflect, alone and with others.  There still seems to be a rush to action (though less dramatically so than in March) and a rush to conclusion, which is not feasible yet.  We may have a long way to go before we can meet again safely and with confidence.

It was good to hear from you if you replied to my last newsletter 🙂  The many answers confirmed a sense of how much solace and strength we derive from nature, from exercise and from practises of every kind from gratitude to yoga to guided meditations (I do love Insight Timer for this).  Cherrypicking the best of articles from sources like LinkedIn, Psychology Today, and reading only what really strikes a chord is helpful too. As is avoiding the negative.

And I like this Growth model, harvested recently from Twitter.  So much so that it is going to be the focus of a Reflection workshop I’m running online on May 7th and 13th between 10.00 and 12.15, further details here.  This will be for up to 10 people only and will incorporate some of what I’ve discovered during this month of taking the Thinking Environment Facilitator course online in a direct response to the enthusiastic request of 4 Dublin-based participants.

Thank you again Hannah, Mary, Barbara and Rachel for helping me to upend my assumptions about this  and for showing me just how extraordinary, vital, beautiful and profound this ‘way of being’ can be online, despite and also because of Zoom and all its techie mysteries.  It has been the steepest and most rewarding of learning curves, and there is more to come.

So given that social distancing measures are going to be with us for some time to come, I’m now encouraged to offer some of the TTT courses online,  possibly blended with days in real rooms in the not too distant future.  And here is my TTT Guide to Virtual Meetings, as recently posted on LinkedIn (with about 4k views, which is a fine measurement of need and interest!)

I feel there is much to let go of, often with some sadness, and much to feel anxious about. We have suddenly lost the easy human connection of the recent past, and we are struggling to find our way in to a future that is full of unknowns.  Yet we seem to be doing quite well individually, digging deep into our human strengths, connecting anew and online with friends and families, reinforcing our minds and bodies by deliberately choosing where to take our attention, what to focus on, what to leave out.  I continue to place my attention with new accuracy, and have found that to be truly strengthening for me.

What have you discovered about yourself that will continue to give you strength as our new reality evolves?

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