Loving Discovery

What difference would it make to you, your work, your life if you could fall in love with discovery? Aha, you may say, I am already in love with discovery. I love to find new friends, new restaurants, new songs and music, beautiful views and walks, new books and podcasts and brain food…

Yes, these are all discoveries. Yet the discovery I want to be in love with is the one that actually compels us to put down what it is we already know and are therefore feeling certain of in favour of (possibly) discovering something else, maybe something even more valuable. It’s taken me forever to realise that this passion for discovery is at the core of creating a truly great Thinking Environment®.

Discovery, not disagreement?

If we could ripple that open-to-discovery mindset right out into relationships and arguments and every point of conflict at work or elsewhere, what would change? If we knew deep down that what’s happening in those moments is really discovery – of new facts, new opinions and points of view – rather than disagreement? Could we feel calmer, more interested, less threatened? Isn’t that a fascinating possibility?

Discovering more ‘Findings’?

As you know over several decades Nancy Kline, with others, has made many significant discoveries about how to create the conditions in which someone can think really well and entirely as themselves: we call those insights ‘the Findings’ and they are a great resource to us as Thinkers, Coaches and Facilitators.

But what if sometimes they get in our way? What if our attachment to these beautiful ‘findings’ is blocking something else that could be even better? What might we be missing? I don’t know yet…

Which is one of the reasons why I am offering more days for exploration and discovery, days that embody the original purpose of what we knew as ‘collegiate days’. These sessions will be online for now and will happen every 3 or 4 months.

Who are Discovery Days for? Two groups.

For TTT Coaches and Thinking Partnership Teachers: We will experience a Thinking Partnership in real time, during which we’ll stop and consider what we are noticing and finding out; we’ll also have time for a TP session of our own.  Maximum of 6 people.

Tuesday 23rd November, 9:30am  – 1:00pm on Zoom

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For TTT Facilitators: With the same core principles at play, we’ll create a dynamic that truly refreshes this way of being in groups, using the various Building Blocks to develop new insights into the application of the 10 Components as a way of being.  Maximum of 6 people.

Wednesday 1st December, 9:30am – 1:00pm on Zoom

If this is for you I look forward to being with you on one of these days.


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